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Infrared Spectra-Structure Correlations and Adsorption Behavior for Helix Proteins

Volume 44, Number 9 (Nov. 1990) Page 1478-1490

Jakobsen, Robert J.; Wasacz, Frank M.

A vibrational assignment has been made for most of the observed bands of aqueous solutions of albumin. This assignment is based not only on past assignments, but on experimental justifications and the use of both the infrared and Raman spectra. With the use of these assignments, changes in the secondary structure of both myoglobin and albumin with adsorption can be followed. Changes in the adsorbed protein films indicate that both reversible and irreversible protein adsorption takes place under certain conditions. The presence of reversibly adsorbed proteins can affect the extent of unfolding of the irreversibly adsorbed protein film.