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Automated Micro-Raman Mapping and Imaging Applied to Silicon Devices and Zirconia Ceramic Stress and Grain Boundary Morphology

Volume 44, Number 10 (Dec. 1990) Page 1679-1684

Bowden, Michael; Dickson, George D.; Gardiner, Derek J.; Wood, David J.

An automated, point-by-point, Raman mapping and imaging system is described that combines a 0.5-μm stepper-motor-driven stage, a Raman microscope, and a filter spectrograph with an intensified diode array detector. High-resolution Raman images of a silicon device structure and a map showing the presence of the monoclinic phase of zirconia (ZrO2) at grain boundaries and in stressed regions of a sintered tetragonally stabilized ceramic are reported. The importance of image processing is demonstrated and emphasised.