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Nondestructive Quantitative Analysis of Ethylene-Propylene Blend Polymer by the NIR/ATR/FT-IR Method

Volume 44, Number 10 (Dec. 1990) Page 1639-1640

Nishio, Etsuo; Morimoto, Mitsuhiko; Nishikida, Koichi

The attenuated total reflectance Fourier transform infrared (ATR/FTIR) method in the near-infrared region was found to provide a novel opportunity for nondestructive analysis of ethylene-propylene (EP) blend polymer. The absorption due to the overtone of the C-H stretching vibration at ∼5900 cm−1 was utilized to determine the ratio of two monomer units, the ethylene and propylene units, of the blend polymer, since the overlapping of CH3− and −CH2− is not so prohibitive as in the case of the fundamental C-H stretching vibration at ∼2900 cm−1. The well-known disadvantage of the weak intensity of the overtone absorption, however, was overcome by the choice of the high-sensitivity FT-IR technique.