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Hybrid Rotating Arc-Tube Furnace Device for Microsolution Analysis

Volume 45, Number 4 (May 1991) Page 692-696

Slinkman, David; Sacks, Richard

A hybrid are-furnace system using a magnetically rotated, concentric-electrode are connected to a pyrolytic graphite tube furnace is described. The are is formed between a 5-mm-i.d. graphite tube anode and a W/Th wire cathode. A 0.9-kG magnetic field from a ceramic permanent magnet causes the are plasma to rotate at about 1.4 kHz, thus forming a diffuse plasma dome covering the end of the anode cylinder. A 10-mm-long ceramic tube connects the furnace to the are anode. The graphite anode and graphite furnace are housed in the same chamber. Rotation around a horizontal axis allows the system to quickly convert between a sample loading position and a plasma discharge position. Detection limits for various metallic elements are in the ppb and sub-ppb range. Design features and performance data are presented.