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Interaction of Silanol Species on Silica Surface with Hydrogen Bonding Agents Studied by Photoacoustic Spectroscopy

Volume 45, Number 4 (May 1991) Page 673-676

Pandurangi, Raghoottama S.; Seehra, Mohindar S.

The interaction of amorphous silica particles with several hydrogen bonding agents (H2O, C2H5OH, C7H8NO) was investigated by monitoring the changes in the bulk and surface IR vibrational modes of silica using photoacoustic spectroscopy. It is argued that the intensity of the silanol band at 3747 cm−1 provides (an inverse) quantitative measure of the interaction of surface groups, along with the shift in the broad hydroxyl band, the interaction following the order C7H8NO > C2H5OH > H2O.