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N2 CARS Thermometry within the Outer Jacket of a Metal Halide Lamp

Volume 54, Number 6 (June 2000) Page 918-922

Brock, L.R.; Adler, H.G.

We applied high-resolution coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS) to measure the gas temperature at a number of points within the nitrogen-filled outer jacket of a 360 W metal halide lamp. A comparison between the measured rotationally resolved N2 CARS spectra with spectral simulations collected between 500 and 1000 K allowed the temperature at each point in the lamp to be determined. In addition to demonstrating the diagnostic power of the CARS technique in a high-intensity discharge lamp, a comparison of the measured temperatures to calculated axial and radial temperature profiles was achieved. Good agreement between the theoretical and experimental temperature profiles was attained.