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Fluorescence Pattern Analysis Based on the Time-Resolved Ratio Method

Volume 45, Number 4 (May 1991) Page 560-565

Wang, Xue Feng; Uchida, Teruo; Maeshima, Muneo; Minami, Shigeo

A new technique is described for component pattern analysis based on time-resolved fluorescence image detection and a ratio method calculation. Differences in fluorescence lifetimes of components are positively utilized to estimate the spatial distribution of each component. Simulation results of the ratio method for fluorescence pattern analysis are discussed. Spatial deconvolution of multicomponent fluorescence data is rapidly carried out from a set of time-resolved, two-dimensional fluorescence data. An example of the application of a multigate time-resolved ratio method for fluorescence pattern analysis is provided. From the results, it is shown that the new method can be successfully used for multicomponent fluorescence pattern analysis at a reasonable signal-to-noise ratio.