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Resolution of the NMR Spectrum Using Wavelet Transform

Volume 54, Number 5 (May 2000) Page 731-738

Shao, Xueguang; Gu, Hua; Wu, Jihui; Shi, Yunyu

A novel method for resolution of an overlapping nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrum using the wavelet transform (WT) is proposed. Due to the localization character in terms of both space and scale of the wavelet transform, an NMR spectrum can be decomposed into a series of localized contributions (details and approximations) at different resolution levels, which represent the spectral information of different resolutions. With amplification of the contributions at fine resolution level and then reconstruction (inverse transform), the resolution of the reconstructed NMR spectrum will increase. Therefore, the resolved spectrum can be obtained from a low-resolution spectrum or an overlapping spectrum. Simulated data sets and a spectrum of a biological sample (gramicidin-S) were investigated by this method. It was proven that resolution of NMR spectra can be greatly improved by this approach.