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Comparison of Heterogeneously and Homogeneously Doped Polyphenylacetylene Using IR and XPS

Volume 45, Number 6 (July 1991) Page 932-937

Ferraro, J.R.; Hill, S.; Stout, P.; Furlani, A.; Polzonetti, G.; Russo, M.V.

Infrared (IR) and x-ray photoemission spectroscopy (XPS) studies have been made on heterogeneously iodine-doped polyphenylacetylene (PPA) polymer films. Similarities and differences between the doping processes (heterogeneous and homogeneous) are presented. Results point to a surface doping process in the heterogeneously doped films vs. a bulk process in the homogeneously doped materials (doped in solution). The counter anion moiety in the films appears to be the polyiodide I5 ion, as contrasted to the bulk powder (homogeneously doped) polymer in which the species of I2, I3 in the presence of a predominance of I5 ion coexist.