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CO Laser Absorption Coefficients for Gases of Biological Relevance: H2O, CO2, Ethanol, Acetaldehyde, and Ethylene

Volume 54, Number 1 (Jan. 2000) Page 62-71

Persijn, S.T.; Veltman, R.H.; Oomens, J.; Harren, F.J.M.; Parker, D.H.

The pressure-broadened spectra of water vapor, carbon dioxide, ethylene, ethanol, and acetaldehyde were recorded with the use of a liquid nitrogen-cooled CO laser-based photoacoustic spectrometer. The results obtained for CO2 and H2O gases were compared with those from the Hitran database. The absorption coefficients of ethylene, ethanol, and acetaldehyde on CO laser emission frequencies were determined as well. Finally, the measured spectra were used in a multicomponent analysis of trace gases released by pears (Pyrus communis, cultivar Conference).