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Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for in Situ Cure Monitoring of Dimethacrylate-Based Networks

Volume 54, Number 1 (Jan. 2000) Page 39-43

Rey, L.; Galy, J.; Sautereau, H.; Lachenal, G.; Henry, D.; Vial, J.

In this study, near-infrared transmission spectroscopy is investigated as an alternative technique for the real-time cure monitoring of thermosets systems. Two polymer systems based on dimethacrylate/styrene and dimethacrylate/divinylbenzene monomers were studied in order to check the influence of comonomer functionality. A new device utilizing ITO (indium-tin-oxide)-coated glass plates was developed to take into account the specificity of chain polymerization: oxygen inhibition, bulk polymerization, etc. Two absorption bands at 6166 and 6135 cm-1 suitable for in situ monitoring of methacrylate and vinyl double bonds were identified, and the molar absorption coefficient was determined. A quantitative analysis allows us to calculate the double-bond conversion during the polymerization in isothermal conditions between 60 and 80 °C.