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Design and Properties of New IR Liquid Cells with Free Access to the Reaction Volume: Application to Temperature-Dependent Studies of the (Photo)reactions of Some Transition Metal Carbonyls

Volume 45, Number 8 (Oct. 1991) Page 1344-1349

Schilder, P.G.M.; Luyten, H.; Stufkens, D.J.; Oskam, A.

This article describes the construction and properties of new infrared cells for low- and room-temperature studies of (photo)chemical reactions. Both cells consist of three components—viz., a reaction vessel, an IR measurement cell, and a suction unit—which are interconnected by tubes, thus forming a closed system. The main advantages of the cells are that gaseous products of (photo) reactions can be removed and reagents can be added at a later stage of the reaction or at low temperature. The free access to the reaction vessel also facilitates sampling from the IR solution for analytical purposes. These great advantages are demonstrated by a few representative (photo) reactions of transition metal carbonyls.