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Infrared Study of Tetraalkylurea in Carbon Tetrachloride and/or Hexane and in Chloroform and/or Hexane 1% Solutions

Volume 45, Number 9 (Nov. 1991) Page 1497-1500

Nyquist, Richard A.; Luoma, Davin A.

This study indicates that intermolecular complexes exist between tetraal-kylurea and carbon tetrachloride and between tetraalkylurea and chloroform. The type of complex or complexes formed is dependent upon the mole % CCl4/C6H14 or mole % CHCl3/C6H14. Intermolecular hydrogen-bonded complexes between tetraalkylurea and chloroform (such as I; I and II; II and III; and III) are formed as the mole % CHCl3/C6H14 increases. The steady decrease in the vC=O frequency is attributed in part to the bulk dielectric effects of the solvent system.