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Infrared Study of Benzaldehyde and 4-Substituted Benzaldehydes in Carbon Tetrachloride and/or Chloroform Solutions: The Carbonyl Group

Volume 45, Number 10 (Dec. 1991) Page 1641-1648

Nyquist, Richard A.; Settineri, Sam E.; Luoma, Davin A.

The carbonyl stretching mode of 4-x-benzaldehydes increases in frequency as the mole % CHCl3/CCl4 decreases and as the value of σp or σR° for the 4-x atom or group increases. Other functional groups such as OH, NO2, and CN are also affected by interaction with the CHCl3 and/or CCl4 solvent system. Other solvents may interact differently with each functional group so that, say, νC=O vs. σp, σR°, or solvent acceptor numbers (AN) may not correlate in a uniform manner in all solute/ solvent systems.