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Batch Injection Analysis Using Fiber-Optic Fluorometric Detection

Volume 46, Number 1 (Jan. 1992) Page 107-110

Wang, J.; Rayson, G.D.; Taha, Z.

Fluorometric detection of analytes using batch injection analysis (BIA) has been investigated. BIA involves the injection of microliter samples toward a nearby detector which is immersed in a large-volume, nonflowing, blank solution. The characteristics and advantages of employing fiber-optic fluorometric detection for BIA are described. Similar to analogous flow injection measurements, batch injection fluorometric analysis offers high speed, reproducibility and simplicity, while eliminating the need for pumps, valves, and associated tubings. With injection rates at 120-500 samples/h, there is no observable carryover, and the precision is typically 2-3% (RSD).