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Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopy. I. Modification of the Beckman DK Spectrophotometer for Automatic Transmittance Recording in the Region 1700-2000 A

Volume 15, Number 4 (July 1961) Page 89-95

Kaye, Wilbur I.

Abundant opportunities exist for analytical and molecular structure studies using the far ultraviolet region of the spectrum since almost all compounds in the vapor state possess intense, characteristic, and often detailed absorption spectra. Unfortunately, the experimental difficulties in working in this region have discouraged its widespread use Beckman Model DK-1 and DK-2 spectrophotometers have been modified to perform to 1700 A for the automatic recording of relative transmittance spectra. This performance has been accomplished through the use of very high quality quartz and fused silica for prisms and windows. The absorption of the atmosphere in the optical path has been eliminated by purging with nitrogen. The resolution achieved is remarkably good, because of the high dispersion of quartz in this region. Except for the necessity of purging, the experimental difficulties of working to 1700 A are little different from those in near ultraviolet spectroscopy.