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X-Ray Spectrographic Determination of Thorium in Low Concentrations

Volume 15, Number 5 (Sept. 1961) Page 121-124

Van Niekerk, J.N.; Strelow, F.W.E.; Wybenga, F.T.

A method is described for the rapid determination of small concentrations of thorium. The thorium is first concentrated on a suitable cation exchange resin and then measured directly on an x-ray spectrograph. With the experimental conditions employed it is shown that the extraction of thorium is practically quantitative. Both column and batch extraction methods were investigated, and it is shown that the latter technique is superior both as regards reproducibility and time of analysis. It is further shown how interference effects due to co-adsorbed elements, such as iron, can be overcome by the use of a suitable internal standard. From calibration curves so obtained the thorium concentration in three unknown samples was determined, and the results are compared with those obtained by chemical analysis.