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Improved Intensity Formulae for the Determination of Rotational Temperature from the Perturbed Band Structure

Volume 46, Number 3 (March 1992) Page 513-517

Sekine, Shigeyuki; Hamaya, Tsuyoshi; Hirose, Chiaki

Improved formulae for the intensity profile of the rotational lines have been derived for the [ndσΣ+, ndπΠ, ndδΔ] (Hund's case d)-n'pπΠ (case b) electronic bands of diatomic molecules with respect to the l-uncoupling interaction among the upper states. As an application of the formulae, the rotational temperature in the dc discharge plasma was determined from the analysis of the band structure of the He2[3dσf3Σ+u, 3dπf3Πu, 3dδf3Δu] ← 2pπb3Πg (0-0) absorption bands. The formulae were also applied to the H2[3dσg3Σ+u, 3dπi3Πu, 3dδj3Δu] → 2pπc3Πg (0-0) emission bands.