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Raman Spectroscopic Identification of Synthetic Braggite (Pt, Pd, Ni)S Samples in Comparison with Synthetic Cooperite

Volume 53, Number 8 (Aug. 1999) Page 927-930

Pikl, R.; Waal, D. De; Merkle, R.K.W.; Verryn, S.M.C.

Raman spectra of synthetic "braggite" (Pt, Pd, Ni)S with variable Pt/Pd ratios (atomic ratios between 0.31 and 1.37) and saturated in Ni (up to 1.99 atomic %) have been recorded and compared with the Raman spectra of synthetic "cooperite" and the pure palladium and platinum sulfides. In order to obtain more information on the significant differences in the spectra of these synthetic samples, factor group analyses of "braggite" and "cooperite" have been performed.