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Raman Spectra from Laser-Processed Lead Zirconate Titanate (PbZr0.3Ti0.7O3) Prepared by a Sol-Gel Process

Volume 46, Number 4 (April 1992) Page 571-576

Gernet, D.; Kiefer, W.; Schmidt, H.

We report on investigations of laser-induced crystallization of PbZr0.3Ti0.7O3 (PZT) gel-powder. By means of micro-Raman spectroscopy, and of optical and scanning electron micrography (SEM), we show that, upon laser irradiation, amorphous PZT material is transformed into microcrystals of the perovskite structure. It was found that the laser-induced crystallization is much faster than crystallization through calcination in a conventional oven.