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Asynchronous Time-Resolved Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

Volume 46, Number 4 (April 1992) Page 560-567

Masutani, Koji; Sugisawa, Hisashi; Yokota, Akira; Furukawa, Yukio; Tasumi, Mitsuo

A novel asynchronous time-resolved FT-IR spectrophotometer based on a conventional continuous-scan interferometer has been developed. In contrast to the existing methods, this method does not require the synchronization between the signal for time resolving and that for the sampling of the A/D converter. The signal-processing assembly for time-resolved measurements consists of a pulse generator, a pulse delay circuit, a gate circuit, and a low-pass filter. This assembly can be attached to any conventional FT-IR spectrophotometer. By this method, time-resolved spectra without any spectral distortion or artifacts can be obtained for repetitive fast phenomena. As an application of this method, time-resolved FT-IR measurements have been carried out for the reorientation process in a ferroelectric liquid crystal induced by the reversal of external electric field, and a time resolution of 0.5 μs or less has been achieved. The present system is best suited for observing repetitive transient phenomena with lifetimes in the range from approximately 1 μs to 1 ms.