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Determination of Sugars and Organic Acids in Fruit Juices by FT Mid-IR Investigation of Dry Extract

Volume 46, Number 5 (May 1992) Page 860-863

Dupuy, N.; Meurens, M.; Sombret, B.; Legrand, P.; Huvenne, J.P.

In an extension of the approach adopted by Meurens et al. for dispersive NIR spectroscopy, the principle of using dry extracts has been applied to FT-IR spectroscopy, to make use of three advantages: the rapidity of Fourier transform spectroscopy, the solvent elimination, and the better peak resolution in the mid-IR region. However, sampling appears more difficult in mid-IR than in NIR spectroscopy. The feasibility of quantitative analysis has, in a first step, been tested on synthetic samples before application to natural fruit juices. The performance of our dry extract method is reported in terms of spectroscopy as well as of multicomponent quantitative analysis of sugars and organic acids in fruit juices.