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Two-Dimensional FT-IR Correlation Analysis of the Chemisorption of Nitric Oxide on Pt(100)

Volume 53, Number 2 (Feb. 1999) Page 178-183

Magtoto, Noel P.; Sefara, Nelson L.; Richardson, Hugh H.

In addition to the previously reported vibrational frequencies of NO stretch at 1591-1650 cm-1 and 1770-1800 cm-1 on Pt(100) surface at 300 K, we observed an infrared spectral band centered around 1689-1692 cm-1. With the use of two-dimensional IR correlation analysis, we were able to distinguish the various adsorption sites of NO under the present experimental conditions. The infrared band at 1689-1692 cm-1 developed independently of the band at 1639-1654 cm-1. By varying the pressure of NO and the surface temperature, we were able to demonstrate that the 1689-1692 cm-1 band grows only at higher NO pressure and lower surface temperature.