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Infrared and Dielectric Investigation of Curing in a Polymer-Stabilized Liquid Crystal System

Volume 53, Number 2 (Feb. 1999) Page 164-169

Wall, Bentley G.; Koenig, Jack L.; Schuele, Donald E.

The results of infrared and dielectric measurements of polymer stabilized liquid crystals (PSLCs) are correlated to each other. The novel experimental design allows these two different analytical techniques to be applied simultaneously on the sample. The dielectric data (capacitance, loss) follow closely the infrared absorbance data. Infrared data can be used to follow a chemical reaction, and because these data have now been correlated to dielectric data, dielectric measurements alone can be used to follow the course of a chemical curing reaction. This will allow for easier assessment of these types of systems, removing the challenging sample preparation steps required for infrared analysis.