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Resolution Enhancement of Raman Spectra of Solids Using True Linear Prediction and Deconvolution

Volume 53, Number 2 (Feb. 1999) Page 144-149

Sievanen, O.-P.

The method developed earlier by the author for resolution enhancement of Raman spectra using true linear prediction and deconvolution has been applied to the problem of resolving some earlier detected or suspected cases of exciton splitting and Fermi resonance in solid naphthalene-h8. It is found that careful deconvolution com- bined with true linear prediction of the inverse Fourier transform of the recorded spectrum greatly aids in the interpretation of observed spectral structures. The results are compared to the ones obtained by applying the customary maximum entropy method (MEM) spectral estimator. It is seen that estimating the spectrum by using the MEM estimate may lead to erroneous results.