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Direct Insertion of Trace Metals Preconcentrated on Activated Charcoal into an Inductively Coupled Plasma

Volume 53, Number 2 (Feb. 1999) Page 191-196

Skinner, Cameron D.; Cazagou, Murielle; Blaise, Joanne; Salin, Eric D.

Trace metals have been concentrated onto activated charcoal by using oxalic acid, iminodiacetic acid, and 8-hydroxyquinoline. The charcoal was directly analyzed in an ICP by placing several particles in a direct sample insertion (DSI) cup, or fabricating a DSI probe with an activated charcoal cap. Detection limits in the tens to hundreds of parts per trillion were found for Pb, Cd, Zn, and Cu. The recovery for C u was 2-5% but may be improved by reactivation of the plasma-cleaned charcoal. Cleaning the charcoal, derived from wood, in the plasma prior to adsorption was necessary to remove trace metals.