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A Study of Sample Surfaces and Associated Radiation until Quasi-stationary Conditions Set In when Ferrous Samples Are Arced Using a High-Repetition Condensed Arc

Volume 46, Number 7 (July 1992) Page 1117-1128

Strasheim, A.; Böhmer, R.G.

Changes that occur on ferrous sample surfaces from the initiation of an arc until quasi-stationary conditions set in are addressed. For the recording of the radiation of the high-repetition condensed arc source, a sequential spectrometer is used. Enlarged burn patterns (optical and scanning electron micrographs) are depicted. The corresponding intensity ratios of the analysis line of manganese and the internal control lines of iron vs. time are also presented. Two environmental gases are used, viz., pure argon and argon plus 2% hydrogen. The appearance and growth of the hillocks are described, and a suggestion with regard to their formation is made. Evidence is presented that the main source of the radiation used for analysis comes from the central area of the eroded sample by an operative arc.