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Application of Time-of-Flight Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to Fruits: Analysis of Absorption and Scattering Conditions of Near-Infrared Radiation Using Cross-Correlation of the Time-Resolved Profile

Volume 63, Number 3 (March 2009) Page 306-312

Kurata, Yohei; Tsuchikawa, Satoru

The absorption and scattering conditions of near-infrared radiation in a grapefruit, a popular thick-peeled fruit, were investigated by time-of-flight near-infrared spectroscopy (TOF-NIRS). The cross-correlation function was introduced to obtain fine spectroscopic information from the time-resolved profile. Variation of the optical parameters in both the time-resolved profile and the cross-correlation function showed that the NIR radiation was largely absorbed in the peel and considerably scattered in the flesh of the fruit. It also reflected the straightness of the input pulsed laser. The substantial optical path length of the grapefruit estimated from the cross-correlation function was approximately 4 to 5 times as long as the nominal optical path length (NOPL). The cross-correlation function was an effective tool to analyze the absorption/scattering conditions of NIR radiation in a sample where an unstable light source such as a Nd:YAG laser with high output energy was employed.