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New Method for Preparation of Samples for Measurement of Electronic Absorption Spectra of Difficult Soluble Inorganic and Metallorganic Compounds

Volume 46, Number 8 (Aug. 1992) Page 1240-1244

Mikhailov, O.V.

A new method has been developed for the preparation of test samples for the registration of standard electronic absorption spectra of insoluble inorganic and metallorganic compounds in which—unlike traditional spectroscopic methods—the analyzed substances are synthesized by a series of specific chemical processes in thin gelatin layers of various silver halogenide photographic materials. Some advantages of these test samples, in comparison with standard solutions of analyzed compounds and mechanical mixtures of ones with various fillers, have been demonstrated. In addition, examples of the preparation of test samples of some insoluble substances [including iron(III)-potassium ferrocyanide (KFe[Fe(CN)6]), chromium dioxide (CrO2), copper(II)-dithiooxamide chelate (CuC4N4S4H6), etc.] and the electronic absorption spectra of some samples have been given.