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Emission Spectroscopy: An Excellent Tool for the Infrared Characterization of Textile Fibers

Volume 52, Number 12 (Dec. 1998) Page 1530-1535

Friedrich, M.; Zahn, D.R.T.

Infrared emission spectroscopy was applied to characterize various textile fibers not suitable for the usual transmittance measurements. For the emission measurements, the fiber samples were mounted by wrapping them around a resistively heated wire. For spectra evaluation, the instrument response function was determined via reflection and infrared emission measurements at different temperatures of a sample. With knowledge of the instrument response function, single-beam emission spectra can be corrected and become independent of the type of spectrometer or detector. The corrected emission spectra are characteristic for the material and can be collected in a database similar to that for transmission spectra. The usefulness of the method is clearly demonstrated by the spectra of fiber samples.