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Calibration of Raman Spectrometer Instrument Response Function with Luminescence Standards: An Update

Volume 52, Number 12 (Dec. 1998) Page 1614-1618

Frost, Kristin J.; Mccreery, Richard L.

An error in a previously reported procedure for correcting Raman spectra for instrument response was corrected, and then the approach was tested against reported values of Raman cross sections. The method uses luminescent standards with known emission curves of intensity vs. Raman shift, expressed in polynomial form. After acquisition of an observed emission curve from the luminescent standard, the correction of observed Raman spectra is automatic. Agreement of corrected peak areas with those calculated from literature cross sections is 5-20%. This correspondence is approximately as good as the agreement between different reported values, and much better than that observed for uncorrected spectra. Due to variations in the luminescence of the materials, it is likely that these or similar Raman intensity standards will be calibrated by the manufacturer or an independent agency.