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Infrared Study of Some Organophosphorus Esters in Carbon Tetrachloride and/or Chloroform 1% Solutions

Volume 46, Number 10 (Oct. 1992) Page 1564-1574

Nyquist, R.A.; Puehl, C.W.

Solvent systems such as CHCl3/CCl4 or CDCl3/CCl4 are useful in showing that organophosphorus esters do exist as rotational isomers in solution. The functional groups such as P=O and POR in organophosphorus esters are the sites of solute/solvent interaction, since their group frequencies are more affected than group frequencies arising primarily within the R group of the organophosphorus esters. This study also shows that different complexes are formed between the solute and solvent systems as well as within the solvent system as the mole % CHCl3/CCl4 or CDCl3/CCl4 increases.