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Infrared Study of Phosphorous Oxychloride and Organophosphorus Compounds Containing the P(=O)Cl2 Group in Dilute Solvent Systems

Volume 46, Number 10 (Oct. 1992) Page 1552-1563

Nyquist, R.A.; Puehl, C.W.

The present study has shown that some normal vibrations shift to lower frequency while others shift to higher frequency as the mole % of the solvent system increases. The vP=O mode for compounds containing the P(=O)Cl2 group shifts to lower frequency with increase in the mole % CHCl3/CCl4. The P=O group is believed to be complexed with the solvent system. Both the vasym.PCl2 and vsym. PCl2 modes shift to higher frequency as the mole % CHCl3/CCl4 increases. The application of IR and different solvent systems aids in assigning rotational isomer band pairs.