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Band-Shape Analysis of the Electronic Spectra of the Schiff Bases of 5'-Deoxypyridoxal and n-Hexylamine in Cationic Micelles

Volume 46, Number 12 (Dec. 1992) Page 1841-1847

García Del Vado, M. Angeles; Echevarría, Gerardo R.; Vázquez Segura, Miguel A.; Donoso Pardo, Josefa; Muñoz, Francisco; García Blanco, Francisco

We analyzed the UV-visible absorption spectra of the Schiff bases formed between 5'-deoxypyridoxal (DPL) and n-hexylamine (HEX) in aqueous media of various ionic strengths containing different concentrations of the cationic surfactant hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB). According to the results obtained, the hydrophobic chains of the surfactant interact with the hydrocarbon chain of the imine, thereby displacing the tautomeric equilibrium to the enol form. An increase in the electrolyte concentration also lowers the polarity of the environment where the Schiff base lies, thus also increasing the proportion of the enol form. The results obtained in this micellar medium suggest that the system can be used as a model for hydrophobic media.