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The Infrared Spectra of Metal Dialkylphosphorodithioates

Volume 16, Number 2 (Feb. 1962) Page 39-40

Rockett, Jack

The infrared spectra of eight zinc dialkylphosphorodithioates and four potassium dialkylphosphorodithioates have been examined The infrared spectra of the zinc, cadmium, copper, nickel, and potassium salts of a mixed dialkylphosphorodithioate have been studied and compared to the spectrum of the parent acid. The P-O-C absorption of all of these compounds is found to occur about 25 cm−1 lower in frequency than in compounds containing the P=O group. The thiophosphoryl group (P=S) is found to occur at 635-668 cm−1 both for the free acid and the covalent salts. It occurs at a higher frequency, 675-702 cm−1 for the more ionic potassium salt. The P-S-(M) absorption occurs at 510-556 cm−1.