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Comparison of Solution and Solid-Matrix Luminescence Parameters

Volume 47, Number 1 (Jan. 1993) Page 116-122

Hurtubise, R.J.; Ramasamy, S.M.

A relatively large number of comparisons have been made between solution luminescence and solid-matrix luminescence parameters for several lumiphors adsorbed on a number of solid matrices. Comparisons have been made for both room-temperature and low-temperature fluorescence and phosphorescence quantum yields, fluorescence and phosphorescence lifetimes, and a variety of photophysical rate constants. The comparisons reveal that solid-matrix luminescence can give greater fluorescence and phosphorescence quantum yields in many cases at room temperature, compared to the corresponding solution quantum yields at low temperature. The comparisons of fluorescence and phosphorescence lifetimes and the photophysical rate constants for the lumiphors adsorbed on solid matrices and in solutions reveal new insights into the differences between solid-matrix luminescence and solution luminescence.