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FT-IR Internal Reflection Spectroscopy Using Regular Polygonal Internal Reflection Elements

Volume 52, Number 6 (June 1998) Page 851-854

Lu, Y.Q.; Yalamanchili, M.R.; Miller, J.D.

Regular polygonal reactive internal reflection elements (IREs) have been designed and fabricated for Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) internal reflection spectroscopy (IRS) to study adsorption phenomena at the IRE surface. The geometric and optical features of these polygonal IREs are described with respect to the use of the FT-IR/IRS adsorption density equation. An octagonal internal reflection element of fluorite (CaF2) was prepared with 3 mm sides, and adsorption at the polygon faces was examined by FT-IR/IRS. Adsorption densities thus determined at the surface of the polygonal IRE were found to compare well with those determined at the surface of the parallelepiped IREs of the same material. The utility of regular polygonal IREs, including the advantages and disadvantages, is discussed.