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Solid-State Infrared Photoacoustic Spectra of Group 6B Metal Mixed Carbonyl-t-Butylisocyanide Complexes, M(CO)6-n(CNtBu)n(M = Cr, Mo, W; n = 1-3)

Volume 47, Number 2 (Feb. 1993) Page 218-221

Li, Hongqi; Butler, Ian S.

Solid-state mid- and near-IR photoacoustic (PA) spectra have been measured at room temperature for the group 6B metal(0) mixed carbonyl-t-butylisocyanide complexes M(CO)6-n(CNtBu)n (M = Cr, Mo, W; n = 1-3). Vibrational assignments are proposed for many of the observed bands. The PA spectra in the near-IR region (4600-3600 cm−1), where the binary ν(CN) and ν(CO) overtones and combinations absorb, are useful spectral fingerprints for these organometallic complexes.