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Ellipsometric Study of Critical-Angle Infrared ATR Spectroscopy with a Metal-Coated Elastomer Film Overlayer

Volume 47, Number 2 (Feb. 1993) Page 156-160

Watanabe, Atsuo

Experimentally obtained ellipsometry angles of the phase about reflecting layers, in an arrangement which put a PVAc layer between a gold-coated PET film and the reflecting surface of a Ge prism at an incident angle of 22.5 to 25.5°, were closest to simulated ellipsometry angles of the phase, under the assumption that the apparent density of the PVAc layer decreased to 77% normal density so that the apparent refractive index of the PVAc layer was 1.35, and the reflecting layers were separated by a gap of 20 nm. Infrared absorption spectra which were obtained by using these optical configurations coincided well with spectra derived by a spectroscopic simulation of the reflecting layers that assumed the decreased density of the PVAc layer and the gap layer when the thickness of the PVAc layer was less than 100 nm. Spectral absorbance of the PVAc obtained by this method with the use of p-polarization was enhanced more than 20-fold over one obtained by transmission.