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Performance of a Holographic Supernotch Filter

Volume 47, Number 3 (March 1993) Page 305-308

Schoen, Christian L.; Sharma, Shiv K.; Helsley, Charles E.; Owen, Harry

Results are presented of a comparative evaluation of a holographic sopernotch filter (HSNF) and a holographic notch filter (HNF) as a Rayleigh line rejection filter for Raman spectroscopy. The filter permits acquisition of both Stokes and anti-Stokes spectra down to ±200 cm−1 shift from excitation simultaneously, without filter angle adjustment. With slight angle adjustment, spectra can be recorded as close as 41 cm−1 from the excitation line. Performance of the HSNF is evaluated by measuring the low-frequency Raman spectra of Tb2(MoO4)3, water, and naphthalene.