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Thermal Processing of o-Terphenyl: A Raman Study

Volume 47, Number 4 (April 1993) Page 458-462

Biswas, A.

Raman spectra from o-terphenyl sealed in glass capillary tubes were acquired over temperatures ranging from 233 K to 343 K. Over this temperature range, o-terphenyl can exist in the solid-crystalline, molten, supercooled-liquid, and amorphous-glassy states. Representative structure-sensitive spectra are presented along with a qualitative description. The lattice spectral feature occurring at a Raman shift of 123 cm−1 displays abrupt changes in profile and intensity as melting and glass transition occur. The intensity ratio of the C-C stretching 996-cm−1 line and C-H stretching line at 1008 cm−1 displays a change related to the transformation of the ordered-crystalline phase to the disordered-liquid or glassy state. At a Raman shift of 1162 cm−1 the solid-crystalline state shows a splitting due to the effect of the crystal field. The possibility of using these structure-sensitive Raman characteristics for in situ diagnostics during materials processing is discussed.