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Temporal and Spatial Behavior of Electron Density and Temperature in a Laser-Produced Plasma from YBa2Cu3O7

Volume 52, Number 3 (March 1998) Page 449-455

Harilal, S.S.; Bindhu, C.V.; Nampoori, V.P.N.; Vallabhan, C.P.G.

Spectroscopic studies of laser-induced plasma from a high-temperature superconducting material, viz., YBa2 Cu3 O7(YBCO), have been carried out. Electron temperature and electron density measurements were made from spectral data. The Stark broadening of emission lines was used to determine the electron density, and the ratio of line intensities was exploited for the determination of electron temperature. An initial electron temperature of 2.35 eV and electron density of 2.5 X 10 17 cm-3 were observed. The dependence on electron temperature and density on different experimental parameters such as distance from the target, delay time after the initiation of the plasma, and laser irradiance is also discussed in detail.