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Piece-Wise Multiplicative Scatter Correction Applied to Near-Infrared Diffuse Transmittance Data from Meat Products

Volume 47, Number 6 (June 1993) Page 702-709

Isaksson, Tomas; Kowalski, Bruce

This paper presents a nonlinear scatter correction method, called piecewise multiplicative scatter correction (PMSC), that is a further development of the multiplicative scatter correction (PMSC) method. Near-infrared diffuse transmittance (NIT) data from meat and meat product samples were used to test the predictive performances of the PMSC and the MSC methods. With the use of PMSC, the prediction errors, expressed as the root mean square error of prediction (RMSEP), were improved by up to 36% for protein, up to 55% for fat, and up to 37% for water, in comparison to uncorrected data. The corresponding improvements by using PMSC compared to MSC were up to 22%, 24%, and 31% for protein, fat, and water, respectively.