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Determination of Cholesterol Using a Novel Magnetohydrodynamic Acoustic-Resonance Near-IR (MARNIR) Spectrometer

Volume 47, Number 7 (July 1993) Page 887-890

Buice, Robert G.; Lodder, Robert A.

Near-IR spectrometric determination of minor constituents of biological systems is complicated by the fact that near-IR spectra of these materials vary in different chemical and physical environments. In such cases, wavelength selection methods and full-spectral techniques such as partial least-squares and principal component regression (which weight each wavelength in calibration) produce excess error because they must attempt to model both variations in major constituents and variations in the analyte. A magnetohydrodynamic acoustic-resonance near-IR (MARNIR) spectrometer can determine major constituents of biological materials noninvasively and nondestructively, leaving the near-IR spectrum of the analyte to be used quantitatively with less prediction error.