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Spectroscopic Studies of Heavily Carbon-Doped GaAs Grown by Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Epitaxy

Volume 51, Number 12 (Dec. 1997) Page 1849-1853

Wu, H.Z.; Li, Z.Z.; Ye, S.T.; Tian, Z.W.

Spectroscopic studies of the minority electron lifetimes and photoluminescence efficiencies of heavily carbon-doped GaAs are reported. The GaAs layers were grown by metal organic chemical vapor epitaxy (MOVPE) at 650 C with carbon tetrabromide used as a dopant source. Combined minority electron lifetime and internal quantum efficiency measurements allowed us to determine the radiative decay times in heavily carbon-doped GaAs to be longer than that we would expect if a value for the radiative recombination constant of B = 2.0 X 10 -10 cm3 s -1 were used. Taking into account the effects of hole-hole and hole-ionized impurity scattering, we show that B decreases as hole density increases in heavily carbondoped GaAs. With the use of the revised values for B , the calculated radiative decay times were compatible with our measurements.