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Rapid Micro-Raman Imaging Using Fiber-Bundle Image Compression

Volume 51, Number 12 (Dec. 1997) Page 1845-1848

Ma, Jiaying; Ben-Amotz, Dor

A new technique for rapid Raman imaging and chemical analysis of micro-composites and biomaterials, with potential applications in real-time robotic vision, automated manufacturing, and medical imaging, is described and demonstrated. The key feature of this new instrument is a fiber-optic bundle used to compress two-dimensional images onto a one-dimensional fiber stack, which serves as the entrance slit of an imaging optical spectrograph. Thus a complete Raman spectrum is simultaneously collected from every point within a sample in a single scan of a charge-coupled-device (CCD) detector. The method is demonstrated by using Raman imaging of a microscopic mixed-salt sample. Its efficiency relative to alternative Raman imaging methods is quantitatively evaluated, and potential applications in other spectral imaging measurements are discussed.