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Transmission mu-FT-IR Cell for Boundary Layer Studies

Volume 51, Number 11 (Nov. 1997) Page 1597-1602

Self, Valerie A.; Sermon, Paul A.

Recently the present authors described a novel reflectance mu -FT-IR cell for the study of catalyst surfaces (and adsorbates thereon) with spatial resolution. Here, details are given of a transmission mu -FT-IR cell for on-line spatially resolved studies of boundary layers (and oscillatory behavior) produced around a Pt wire during its catalysis of CO oxidation. The CO-O2 reaction has been followed in terms of absorption at 2180 cm -1 and energy emission over the IR range and may (1) involve a boundary layer at 1-2 mm out from the Pt wire surface at a Reynolds number of 1064; (2) vary in rate with the microchemistry (or surface temperature) of the Pt wire surface along its length; and (3) show oscillations in rate, which depend upon position in the reactant flow relative to the catalyst surface but which are far more substantial in amplitude than previously suspected, possibly because the wire is not averaging over unsynchronized reaction domains but is partially resolving these spatially. Some restructuring of the Pt wire is seen as a result of the reaction, in line with expectation.