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Characterization of Interstitial Oxygen Striations in Silicon Single Crystals by the Micro-FT-IR Method

Volume 47, Number 9 (Sept. 1993) Page 1488-1491

Iino, Eiichi; Fusegawa, Izumi; Yamagishi, Hirotoshi

We will demonstrate that our micro-FT-IR mapping system is highly effective for investigating the behavior of interstitial oxygen (Oi) in Czochralski-grown silicon single crystals. The micro-FT-IR system experiences high space resolution, and Oi striations of as-grown silicon single crystals or of oxygen micro-precipitation after a thermal treatment are quantitatively measured. Oi micro-distribution profiles of as-grown crystals exhibit regular or irregular intervals and height, depending upon their crystal growth conditions. Oxygen micro-precipitations along growth striations are dependent upon their initial Oi micro-distribution profiles, and anomalous oxygen micro-precipitation is not observed.