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Transient 2D IR Correlation Spectroscopy of the Photopolymerization of Acrylic and Epoxy Monomers

Volume 47, Number 9 (Sept. 1993) Page 1337-1342

Nakano, Tatsuhiko; Shimada, Shigeru; Saitoh, Rieko; Noda, Isao

Transient two-dimensional infrared (2D IR) correlation spectroscopy coupled with real-time Fourier transform infrared (RT FT-IR) measurement was used to analyze the reaction processes of photopolymerization systems. Unlike the previously developed 2D IR methods based on sinusoidally varying IR signals, a newly developed 2D correlation formalism applicable to transient spectroscopic signals having an arbitrary waveform was used. By this method, features associated with spectral intensity changes and peak shifts arising from polymerization reactions were clearly observed.