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Direct Injection Nebulizer-Coupled Microwave-Induced Plasma for Atomic Emission Spectroscopy

Volume 51, Number 10 (Oct. 1997) Page 1447-1452

Ng, Kin C.; Culp, Robbey C.

A micronebulizer/tangential torch configuration was used for the direct introduction of organic and aqueous aerosols into a 120-W argon Beenakker cavity plasma. Atomic emission was measured for Ca, Mg, Cr, Zn, Li, and Sr. Detection limits (3 sigma ) with the use of aqueous standards were 40, 80, 180, 535, 9, and 90 ng/mL, respectively. Detection limits under similar conditions with the use of 50% methanol-aqueous solutions were 35, 107, 230, 10, and 127 ng/mL for Ca, Mg, Cr, Li, and Sr, respectively. Iodine detection in the helium plasma was evaluated in aqueous, 50% methanol-aqueous, and pure methanol solutions, with detection limits of 17, 25, and 42 mu g/mL, respectively .